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Friday, March 5, 2010

Magnum Opus is Again Available

magnum opus

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In today's email, I learned that Magnum Opus: The Building of the Schoenstein Organ At the Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which includes a demonstration CD, is now in its second printing. It sold out very quickly the first time, and I missed it, so I quickly placed my order tonight.

You can order it from these sellers:

LDS Distribution Center
Deseret Book (10SCONF will save you 25% right now)
Organ Historical Society

I can't wait until I receive mine!

The full text from the email follows:

Applause for Magnum Opus -- now in second printing

Magnum Opus is a fascinating behind-the-facade glimpse of the design and building of the Schoenstein organ in the Conference Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter -day Saints. The American Organist recommended "with pleasure, this fascinating and well written book."

Now in its second printing after its initial fall 2009 release -- which sold out quickly -- Magnum Opus is a story that needed to be told and is being applauded for its contribution to music history. There has never been an organ project quite like it. It is fitting that someone would write a book about it, one that would interest both the expert and the uninitiated. And not just anyone could have chronicled the story. Dr. Longhurst, Tabernacle organist for 30 years, was ideally qualified having been involved in the decisions from the first discussions in 1997 to the final completed instrument of 130 ranks inaugurated in 2003. "Longhurst writes as an insider," The American Organist states, "but he is aware of the responsibility he has to history to give an honest account of this remarkable installation."

"It was an ideal time to tell the story of an important organ," Dr. Longhurst contends, "while those who were principally involved are still alive and able to provide firsthand information." Not to mention the all-important paper trail.

"There are three reasons why this new instrument deserves study," The American Organist states. "It is large (five manuals, 130 ranks); it represents Schoenstein's distinctive ‘American Romantic’ style of organ building; and it is found within the vast space of a 21,000 seat auditorium. Such a combination easily qualifies this installation as unique and worthy of a monograph as distinguished as this one." In its recommendation the review also suggests, "No doubt many of the stories in this book will resonate with other organists, organ committee members, donors and clergy who have experienced (or should we say, ‘survived’) the selection, financing and installation of a large organ in a new edifice."

Magnum Opus is a publication of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir distributed by Carr Printing and is available at the locations mentioned above.

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